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Our 49th state - and my 50th state.  What a way to save the best for last!  An 11 day solo journey yielded an incredible mix of many of the best that this grand state has to offer - 3 days backpacking the deep Denali wilderness, fishing for salmon and halibut in Kenai, face to face with brown bears and moose, stalking bald eagles, otters, and dall sheep, all in the incredible land where it never gets dark - at least not in early July.


Wise sayings tell us both that "a picture is worth a thousand words" - and  that "a picture just doesn't do it justice" seemingly a contradiction - so please browse the galleries above and decide for yourself.......I think you will agree that both adages are equally correct. 


Probably could have cut a few more but bears are just so striking I couldn't decide what to omit, especially with so much interaction.

Minimally captioned, feel free to email with questions.