5/20/2009 - 5/23/2009


Canadian Rockies and Foothills


Alberta, Canada



Bighorn Sheep          Birds and Ducks        Landscapes and other




Three days of exploring Alberta yielded a variety of shots - started with some ducks and flycatchers in Northern Alberta, then a drive down to the foothills of the Rockies where I drove the Forestery Trunk Road for three days.  This is a logging access road to the vast timberland of Alberta, some 1,000 km long in all (620 miles)  On summer weekends there are a lot of locals fishing and camping, but during my time there I often drove an hour along this sometimes paved/otherwise dirt road without passing another vehicle, and camped in campgrounds with 50 - 100 spaces that were empty but for 1 or 2 other campers.  Snow and ice were intermittent along the roads, campgrounds and lakes - a couple of herds of bighorn sheep were encountered, whitetail and mule deer were everywhere along with an occasional elk and one fleeting bear sighting.  The trip wound up with a quick jaunt along the Icefields Parkway for more bighorn and another bear.