A day in Windsor and two days exploring the rural and coastal counties of Hampshire, Dorset, and Devon, southwest of London - saw a lot in a short time and met some great Brits!!


Mute Swan on the River Thames, Windsor:







Mallards on the River Thames

Swanage, Hampshire County

Daffodils, Dorchester, Dorset County

Corfe Castle from the village of Dorset, Dorset County

Another coastal town in Dorset County








Oilseed Rape grown for vegetable oil

Man-o'War, Dorset County

Man-o'War, Dorset County

Man-o'War, Dorset County

The coast past Durdle Door, Dorset County


At the base of the Durdle Door, Dorset County


Durdle Door, Dorset County






Dorset County church

Wareham, Dorset County


Wareham church


Pheasant in Dorset County

Coast west of the village of Beer, Devon County


The beach in the village of Beer, Devon County



Mark left and Jude right, a great couple that I enjoyed some quality local lager with at the Quay Inn in Wareham. (If I could only have some of that beer ice cold!)

Mark and Judes 12 week old English Staffordshire Terrier.


The puppies mum! awesome dogs, very different than the american version. They are much smaller and are bred properly, as opposed to the indiscriminant backyard breeding of american pit bulls.



Paul, the manager of The Quay Inn.


The Quay offered one of the most unique meals i have ever had. The locally-raised 8-oz filet above is served raw on a slab of basalt (a very dense volcanic rock) that has been heated to 400 degC, or about 750 deg F. You let it sit a minute, turn it to sear the other side, then slice of small slices and let them sear on the fresh cut side till cooked just right. About half way through the entire steak is almost cooked perfectly, so you move it to your plate and continue from there, tossing each bite on the rock to "polish it off". Every bite is piping hot for the whole meal! 20 minutes later when done the rock is still hot enough to boil a drop of beer immediately.

I liked it so much i had the rib eye and 4 tasty locally caught prawns the next night... ;-)