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Glacier National Park

Tucked into the northwest corner of Montana, it is amazing how few people are familiar with this jewel of the National Park system. A day's drive north from Yellowstone along the Continental Divide, it is estimated that there are over 1000 grizzly bears in Glacier and 600 in Yellowstone. Many of these bears have become more acclimated to people, and are often spotted on hiking trails grazing on berries near the main roads, and show no desire either to vacate a trail or show fear of humans (first hand experience with this here), The plus side of this is that it allows a well-educated and experienced bear photographer to get some outstanding shots in relative safety; however, these bears are also the most dangerous of the bears in Glacier because of this fact and the casual toursit/observer then tends to assume they are tame and approachable. Not a good assumption. Otherwise, three days camping. hiking, searching, watching, and waiting for bears to emerge into a clearing yielded the follwing - hope you enjoy.. ;-)


A gorgeous young female in the glow of sunrise.





A young male, he was being driven away by his mother who was nearby.

Lake Sherbourne, the bears graze in the wooded slopes on the left, and often use the shoreline for easier travel.






Sometimes they head towards you out of curiousity - time to calmly get out of the way....



Note the extra large round head on this bear, likely a mature male.











A black bear and its blonde phase cub, sited while hiking the Swiftcurrent pass trail.




Same black bear with her other, darker cub.

Mon and cub after a 400 yard swim across the lake.