David Gibson is a 6th generation Texan with a  passion for the outdoors, enjoying surfing, hunting and fishing along the coasts and marshes of  Texas since his preteen years.  Not just a newcomer to photography with the current digital invasion, rather he studied photography in high school and continued through college where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Geophysics at the University of Texas at Austin.  His hundreds of hours in front of black and white as well as color photography enlargers during both classroom assignments and  earning college spending money gave David a complete understanding of the value and impact of natural light and composition that give his photographs  the impact to move the viewer.

David now puts his outdoors skills to use pursuing images as opposed to table fare.  His travels in his day job as an environmental geologist provide him with unique variety of opportunity - from solo backpacking  miles into the wilderness of Yellowstone or Denali, chasing bears in Alaska, trailing a herd of wild horses in North Dakota, exploring the salt marshes and surf breaks of the California coast, and sitting on the frozen ponds of the northern plains to the mosquito-ruled coastal wetlands of  his Texas backyard.  Don't even think about looking for him at the zoo, exotic game farm, or even a guided wildlife tour, all subjects are totally wild and captured in their natural habitat unless otherwise noted.

email:  outdoorsphotographyusa@gmail.com