and other wildlife and scenery


Glacier National Park, August 24-28, 2010

Close encounters with the majesty of this glorious place and its inhabitants......too close at times

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The gear......


A dawn start on the Iceberg Lake trail yielded magnificent vistas


The trail ahead - steep slopes and thick brush left and right - then......


.....face to face with a sow and her cubs on the trail - coming from the bend in the trail in the photo above.  What would you do?

Quick thinking and recall led me to actions that prevented an incident as they passed a mere 10-15 feet away. 




But the cubs stole my hat!




"hey -  i got your hat right here buddy!"

"yeahhh  -  what he said!"




and i got the hat back!


Here's another cub - actually a cinnamon phase black bear -  peering from behind huckleberries, their major food source in late summer.


A healthy young male - another black bear -  very dark and very big -  pausing for a second to check me out as he grazes on berries.





Karelian Bear Dogs!  these are US Fish and Wildlife biologists that track research and problem bears. The dogs are awesome, and they really keyed in on my hat...



The ranger - loaded for bear - literally


another momma and her older cubs